5 Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone RIGHT NOW, According To Tech Experts

Most apps are amazing — you wouldn’t think twice about living without them. But once in a while apps come along that are buggy, draining on your battery, and possibly even dangerous to the security of your iPhone or Android.

Here are five apps you should delete from your phone right now, according to tech experts.

Your iPhone is certainly capable of having apps that are not worthy of your precious storage space and battery, but perhaps due to the fact that Android lets you download third party apps, there seem to be more suspicious apps on your Android device.

If you have any of these apps, experts recommend that you consider deleting them.

Weather Apps

Some weather apps contains dangerous viruses, according to experts. There was actually one weather app that stole people’s credit card information as it was downloaded. Most devices come with pre-loaded weather apps that can be trusted far more than fancier, potentially unsafe weather apps.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter take up a ton of storage space and drain your battery like no other apps. It’s understandable that an app like Instagram needs to stay put on your phone, but consider deleting Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter, all of which can be accessed via a browser instead.

Built-In Browsers

These slow browsers come built into some devices and, unlike a browser like Google Chrome, they don’t feature protection from data interception. This leaves you more vulnerable to hackers.

Random Antivirus Programs

It’s natural to feel concerned about viruses on your phone that can steal your personal info and make your life a living hell. But our feelings of vulnerability are exactly what hackers count on when some create their own “antivirus” apps that promise protection, while actually hacking your personal and banking information.

Always do your research before downloading an antivirus program.

Apps That Optimize Memory

Your phone can clear cache all by itself. Apps that promise to increase your phone’s memory and RAM only clear cache temporarily, while using up your phone’s resources, slowing it down, and collecting your data.

Bottom line: you don’t need them — resist the urge to download these apps.

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