Android Circuit: Galaxy Note 10 Leak, Surprising Google Pixel 3a Revealed, Android Beaten By iOS 2019-05-11

Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes the powerful Galaxy Note 10 upgrade, Samsung cancelling Galaxy Fold orders, a closer look at the OnePlus 7 Pro, more Nokia handsets on Android Enterprise, thoughts on Google I/O 2019, Android Pie distribution numbers, and what will we call Android Q?
Android Circuit is here to remind you of a few of the many things that have happened around Android in the last week (and you can find the weekly Apple news digest here).
Galaxy Note 10 Is Getting A Powerful Upgrade
Last week it was reported that Samsung was dropping the 25W fast charger from the Galaxy Note 10, which was met with a touch of sadness. Was this the compromise in the package? Turns out that yes the 25W is being dropped, but in its place is something much bigger. Forbes’ Gordon Kelly reports:
… popular insider Ice Universe has updated his information to reveal Samsung will actually fit a charger more powerful than 25W. Moreover, I have also been able to verify this myself through a trusted source…
Similarly, Ice Universe added the image of Superman’s S logo in his update leading many to believe this teases 50-watt charging. While seemingly outlandish (the Galaxy S10 has a 15W charger), this is actually very real with Oppo’s SuperVOOC charger hitting approximately 50W and charging its Find X Lamborghini from 0-100% in just 35 minutes.
The new Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+ and the Galaxy S10 smartphones are displayed during the Samsung Unpacked event on February 20, 2019 (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Do You Still Want Your Galaxy Fold?
Samsung’s other headline handset, the Galaxy Fold was not released as schedule due to a number of issues in the folding screen reported in the first batch of pre-release reviews. The South Korean company has updated customers with pre-orders on what happens next with an email to all of those affected:

[The email] says that they are “making progress in enhancing” the Fold, but that they aren’t quite ready to give any sort of anticipated shipping date. They won’t have another update on the situation for weeks.Because of the lack of information, Samsung is once again letting those who pre-ordered decide if they want to keep their pre-order. With no concrete date available, Samsung will hold pre-orders open until May 31.

Take A Closer And Brighter Look At The OnePlus 7 Pro
With the OnePlus launch next week, there are only a few marketing cards left to play before it all becomes official, but those cards are being played, including the increased functionality of the screen on the OnePlus 7 Pro. 
Earlier today, in a familiar cycle of announcing details as teasers to the main event, the company confirmed a striking new technology for the OnePlus 7 Pro, which will be launched alongside the OnePlus 7.
That technology is HDR10+, the latest HDR screen format, designed to offer a wider dynamic range. Panels with HDR10+ certification need to be able to display a high peak brightness. HDR10 requires a peak brightness of 1,000 nits while HDR10+ goes considerably brighter with a peak brightness of 4,000 nits.
Meanwhile OnePlus continues to push the handset to consumers and the retail chain ahead of the launch on May 14th and getting the bullet points out to the public, both online with confirmations of small details and offline, with more traditional billboard advertising.

Nokia Adds More Handsets To Android Enterprise
HMD Global’s fleet of Android powered smartphones now feature 14 Nokia branded handsets that are certified for Android Enterprise, including the US focused Nokia 4.2 and the penta-lensed Nokia 9 PureView handset.
To be a part of that exclusive list, phones included must to be validated by Google and have a specific set of requirements like minimum hardware specifications of 32 GB of internal memory and 2 GB of RAM, a clean OS with system apps, support for bulk device enrolment with zero-touch and minimum three years of security updates that are delivered within 90 days from Google release.

Google I/O 2019
This week saw Google hold its regular I/O conference, showing off both hardware and software that signifies the direct the company is taking over the next year and beyond. Armit Khalid looks at the highlights of the event:
…from search and Google Assistant to the next generation of Android. In the keynote, Google CEO Sundar Pinchai said the company’s mission is shifting from a company that “helps you find answers” to one that “helps you get things done.” Whether it’s hailing a Lyft, translating foreign languages or transcribing video in real-time, the theme today was how Google can help users perform more tasks than ever before.
This year’s I/O wasn’t strictly about software; Google also unveiled its newest smartphones and smart home gadgets. As expected, the new Pixel 3a and 3a XL debuted at I/O. We also learned more about the Nest Hub Max, Google’s latest smart home display. Google also revealed several breakthroughs in AI, AR and speech recognition technology that are coming to its products.

Android’s Latest Distribution Numbers
Meanwhile, Google has updated the distribution numbers for Android versions, and it shows a healthy uptake on Android Pie, showing twice as many installs as Android Oreo had at this time last year. That said, the 10.4 percent install base of the latest version of Android is a long way behind iOS 12’s eighty percent rate. Emil Protalinski reports:
The distribution numbers were last updated in October 2018. In early December, Google added a small note below the chart: “(update coming soon: data feed under maintenance).” Months passed and the company would not explain what was going on, until today, when it finally updated the numbers. In short, Google is blaming a technical glitch, says it has resolved the issue, and is promising to keep the dashboard updated again. But those updates won’t come on a monthly cadence anymore — about quarterly is more likely, Google told VentureBeat.

And Finally…
With Android P identified as Pie, the long tradition of Google naming its major releases continues. With Android Q coming up, what are Mountain View looking to offer our digital taste buds. Chaim Gartenberg makes a few guesses:
 What if Google bends the rules and expands to other foods that start with Q? After all, you could probably make Quail or Quiche sweet if you were creative enough in the kitchen?Android 10 Quinoa, Android 10 Quail, Android 10 Quesadilla, or Android 10 Quiche.
It’s also possible Google will use the landmark number 10 to begin a new naming scheme, similar to what Apple did for macOS versions when it already used every single big cat in the animal kingdom
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