Here’s How Starting Your Own Business Will Make You Remarkable

Entrepreneurship can be painful and that’s a good thing

Imagine being dropped off alone onto a deserted island. As you try to make sense of your surroundings, you quickly realise that while there are enough resources around to survive, you have no fucking idea how to make it work.

There’s no map. No compass. No mentor. No Bear Grylls.

After the panic subsides you finally get your bearings and begin to hatch a plan. But just then the heavens open up. Your shoes get drenched. Your sleeping bag too. The fire you struggled to make goes out, and the tent you worked so hard to build blows away.

You fall to your knees, look up at the sky and scream “Fuck You!” but it just laughs and continues to pour down on you.

There is no let up out here. It really is sink or swim.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but this hypothetical situation isn’t far off from the realities of starting your own business. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, the patient and the persistent.

In short — it’s for the fighters.

Much like the deserted island, when starting your own business the shit will come fast and it will come often. And it is the knee deep kinda shit. There will be times when you feel vulnerable, alone and scared.

But by facing these obstacles head on — you change. You learn how to push through the challenging times. You learn how to break down your barriers. You learn how to crush self-doubt. You learn how to make something out of nothing.

This won’t always be fun and it certainly won’t be easy.

But it’s in these moments that you will grow.

Entrepreneurship Changed Me

Back when I finished university, I was proud of getting through with relative success.

But almost immediately an unsettling feeling of absolute uncertainty began to encompass me. I was leaving baby faced, immature, totally lacking responsibility, low on self-confidence and I was completely unsure of the future.

I couldn’t see a way forward. There was little to no suitable jobs in the field I had spent four years studying in, and absolutely none in the city where I lived.

With a lack of available options in front of me, panic and stress began to set in.

Then something happened. Something that opened my eyes to a new path. I had the realisation that if there was no desirable job available, I would have to create one. This would put control of my future in my hands.

So I started a business, and I’ve been on the rollercoaster journey ever since.

Fast-forward to today and I’m still baby faced — although I have some trendy facial hair to hide it — but so much is different.

I am battle hardened. I have dealt with crushing blows and amazing successes. I have expanded my skillset and knowledge. I have met some inspiring people who have changed how I see the world, and myself. I may not be mature, but I have more belief in myself than ever. The journey has kept me humble, and my experiences have kept me grounded. I am super level headed, and grateful beyond words for everything I have achieved thus far.

Most of all, I am far more certain and confident about what lies ahead.

Becoming an entrepreneur has changed me. Completely, truly, totally and forever.

And it could change you too.

How Will It Make You Remarkable?

1. The problems you overcome will make you smarter

When you run your own business, your main task will be to put out the daily fires that blow your way. It’s in this process of reacting to problems, and finding the solutions to them, that you’ll learn.

Learning through problem solving has so many benefits; you will become more prepared for the next issues, more efficient at solving them, more capable at implementing the solutions and you will be more confident and more trusting in your future judgements.

2. The process will improve and expand your skillset

The variety of roles and projects you take on in your business will force you to adapt and learn, at an incredible rate. Whether it’s money management, building client relationships, learning to promote and market yourself, everything you take on will add another skill to your rapidly growing inventory.

The more you can take on in the early days, the more skilled you can become. Your startup journey can be an incredible tool to learn from if you are willing to use it to it’s maximum potential and don’t succumb to doubt.

3. Your successes will boost your confidence

With every win and accomplishment, the confidence you have in yourself will grow and grow. Self belief is such a powerful asset to have in this world. Being sure of yourself, and what you can achieve, can set you apart from so many others.

When this belief translates into your day to day life, it enables you to break down your fears and barriers. It will help you to conquer your self doubt, while giving you the confidence to take on anything life throws your way.

4. Your failures will improve EVERYTHING

Your business venture will not be without serious lows and failures galore. If this worries you, you’re looking at it the wrong way.

Mistakes are the ultimate learning tool. Every mistake will teach you something new. Everything you get wrong will enable you to get more right in the future. Every error leads to an improvement down the line. The mistakes you make will keep you humble and grounded. They’ll make you approachable and relatable.

Most of all, they’ll make you far more understanding.

5. The people you meet will open your eyes

Throughout your journey you will connect, and work with many like-minded individuals, as well as those who think differently to you.

Learning to work with people of all different backgrounds and beliefs can be a huge challenge, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a rewarding one. Being able to understand people, listen to others whether you agree or not and collaborate, are skills that will serve you well in life, and if you can master them, they’ll change your outlook on life forever.

The journey of creating something from nothing will improve you in every way. This is for the simple fact that it puts you right in front of growth opportunities every single day.

You’ll learn so much about the world and how you fit into it. You’ll meet amazing people and become more open-minded to learning from each of them. You’ll be forced to take on challenges and projects that fall so far out of your comfort zone you’ll begin to question if you have one at all. You’ll acquire new skills and learn new lessons that allow you to be prepared for whatever life throws your way.

So if you’re looking to become the person you’ve always thought you were capable of becoming — screw the deserted island and choose entrepreneurship instead.

It will change you completely, truly, totally and forever.

All Rights Reserved for Stephen Moore

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