Why Have Rival German Auto Giants Just Inked This Deal?

Rival German auto giants Daimler AG and the BMW Group have just signed a deal to develop next-generation automated driving technology together. The innovation partnership is initially focussing on developing scalable architecture for driver assistance systems, including sensors; automated highway driving; and automated parking. A joint data center for data storage, administration and processing, and the development of functions and software is also being set up.

If this venture proves successful, the car companies will then go on to cooperate on other automation options for driving in urban areas and city centers. There will also be opportunities for other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tech firms to partner in the project too.

. Over 1,000 automated car specialists will be working on the scheme from theMercedes-Benz Technology Centre in Sindelfingen, Germany; the Daimler Testing and Technology Centre in Immendingen, Germany; and the BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus in Unterschleissheim, Germany.

This year in San José, Silicon Valley, Daimler is set to launch its first pilot program with Bosch on self-driving vehicles in urban environments. And early next decade, Daimler is planning to bring highly automated and fully-automated vehicles to market, with plans to scale this to larger vehicles in its portfolio, such as buses and trucks.

The BMW Group has also been busy developing automated vehicles, largely at its Autonomous Driving Campus, and it has over 70 test vehicles being deployed around the world, trialing its latest tech.

The BMW/Daimler partnership will likely help both companies take on the supposed leader in self-driving cars Tesla And, unlike Tesla, they have the global sales support network required to make what is currently an early adopter market into a mass market.

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