The 15 Best Ways to Use Evernote

Evernote is more than just a powerful note-taking tool. Most users don’t realize how versatile the app really is. With all the ways in which you can capture, sort, store, and find various kinds of notes, the ways in which you can use Evernote are countless!

And what’s more, the more you choose to store in Evernote, the more valuable the tool becomes, essentially becoming your one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly want to remember or access on the fly.

Want some inspiration on how best to do this? Here are a few ideas.

1. Stay on Top of Your Projects

Stuck in the midst of multiple projects? Evernote can be a powerful ally. Whether you need to organize your research, track budgets and timelines, set reminders (Premium), and collaborate with others, Evernote has the project management features to make this easy.

To learn more, check out our guide to using Evernote as a project management tool How to Use Evernote as a Project Management Tool How to Use Evernote as a Project Management Tool Evernote offers more than note-taking. No matter the chaos, you can turn Evernote into a project management tool. Let’s see how you can use it to stay on top of your projects. Read More . This will take you through everything from organizing your project notebooks, to setting up tagging systems and due dates. This will all help to ensure each of your projects stays on track.

2. Keep Organized With a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a simple, customizable organization system that helps you keep on top of your hectic schedule without needing a dedicated app or calendar. With this system, you’re able to quickly see what you’ve achieved in the past, what you need to do today, and what you’ve scheduled in the future. You can easily replicate a bullet journal in Evernote and access it from anywhere.

If you’re frustrated with your current to-do list system and calendar setup, check out our step-by-step guide on getting started with bullet journaling in Evernote.

3. Start Your Own Recipe Collection

Rather than having your favorite recipes saved on an entirely separate platform (I’m looking at you, Pinterest), why not use Evernote? This way, more of your notes are available from one platform, and you can access your recipes offline (if you select that option).

When sorting your recipes, use your own tagging system to make your recipes easier to find in the future. As a few examples, you could use tags to identify which recipes are: breakfast, dinner, vegetarian, healthy, Indian, etc. That way you’re always able to find the perfect recipe for each occasion.

4. Read the News

The second option is to use a standard RSS reader, such as Feedly. Whenever you come across an article you want to read, click the Evernote icon within Feedly. This will save the article to your Evernote account ready for you to read later.

5. Remember Your Favorite Places

How many new places have you discovered only for them to completely slip your mind a few months later? The solution is to make sure you save these restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and attractions to your Evernote account for posterity.

When you’re out and about and find a place you want to remember, open up Google Maps, and find the fine establishment. Hit the share button, and choose to save to Evernote. You can add some notes (like opening times, what’s on the menu, etc.), select a notebook, add any tags, and hit save. The notes and full address will now be saved to your account to pull up at any time.

6. Scan and Manage Receipts and Bills

Although you may not want to go 100 percent paperless, choosing to store copies of important utility bills, receipts, and documents is a smart move. And it’s one of the best ways to use Evernote’s storage and search capabilities.

First, you’ll have access to these from anywhere. Second, if you lose the paper copies, you’ve always got a digital copy to fall back on. And third, finding these documents in Evernote is far easier than sifting through folders and cabinets in the hunt for the paper copy.

Either scan these documents into Evernote with a regular scanner or use Evernote’s Android or iOS app to snap images of these documents straight from your phone.

7. Stay Productive on the Road

To help you stay productive while traveling or commuting, there are few better tools than Evernote. It’s the perfect place to store all your travel plans and reservations. You can work and prepare presentations while you’re offline, then sync your work to shared notebooks when you find a connection. You can save articles to read while you’re on a flight.

If you’re someone who travels a lot then, learning how to use a few of Evernote’s hidden features and integrations could really help you to maintain productivity while on the road How to Use Evernote to Stay Productive on the Road How to Use Evernote to Stay Productive on the Road You can travel and still get stuff done. We’ll show you how Evernote can help by using templates, integrating maps, managing business cards, and more. Read More .

8. Content Notes

There are plenty of tools out there that vow to help you remember more of what you read How to Remember What You Read Using Simple Tools How to Remember What You Read Using Simple Tools Reading more won’t do you any good if you can’t retain anything that you read. Use these tips when you find it difficult to remember what you read. Read More . But the truth is, we’ll all forget a massive proportion of what we consume. We are human, after all. That’s why it’s so important to capture the important stuff, so we can find it again later.

Enter Evernote. One option is for you to jot down quotes from articles, and thoughts about certain content you’re reading or watching. Don’t forget to include links to the original content!

Another option is to use a read later app like Instapaper. As you’re reading, highlight what’s important, then save the highlighted version of the article to Evernote. Use a scalable tagging system The Best Way to Organize Evernote: Use Tags The Best Way to Organize Evernote: Use Tags Is your Evernote a huge mess? We show you a simple tweak that’ll help you organize your notes like never before. Read More to ensure you can always (and easily) find content relating to certain topics.

9. Save Your Kindle Highlights

If you love to highlight sections of books you read on your Kindle, you probably already know you can find these highlights in your Amazon account.

Either use the Evernote Web Clipper to save these highlights to your Evernote account or just copy/paste them straight into one of your notebooks. This helps to keep all of those content notes on one platform, so you can search them all simultaneously, rather than having them spread around the web.

10. Share a Family Shopping List

If your partner or other members of your family also use Evernote, create a grocery list, then share this note (using their email address) with anyone who needs access to it. The note can then be added to and accessed from anywhere.

These kind of shared notes can also be useful as gift lists, chore lists, etc.

11. Back Up Your Favorite Instagram Photos

Since Instagram is often a place where people publish their absolute favorite photos, imagine the heartache if you ever lost access to your Instagram account. This is why it’s a wise idea to always back up those photos!

This IFTTT applet lets you do just that. Once it’s set up, each time you post an image to Instagram, a full-size copy will automatically be saved to a notebook of your choice.

12. Organize Your Business Card Stack

Built into Evernote’s smartphone apps is a nifty tool that allows you to snap images of any business cards you’re given. These are saved as images within a new note, which you can add context to, such as where you met the person, what you chatted about, etc.

Plus, with Evernote’s built-in OCR technology, you can search the actual printed text on these business card, making finding contacts much easier than flicking through a mountain of physical business cards.

13. Keep a Packing List

To make prepping for a vacation that bit easier, consider creating a packing list to refer to whenever you need it. If you go on different types of trips, you might want to create multiple lists, such as one for city breaks, another for beach breaks.

This way, you’ll never again arrive at your hotel, only to realize you forgot your travel adapter or sunglasses.

14. Keep a Media List

I’m sure you’ll agree that far too much time is wasted trawling through Netflix for the next movie to watch or scouring Goodreads for the next book to read. Instead, put together a list of movies you can’t wait to see and books you’re dying to read and save these to Evernote.

Now, whenever you’re ready to settle in for a good movie or a great book, you’ve got a quality wish list at your disposal.

15. Decorate Your House

When it comes to planning out renovations, Evernote becomes an invaluable tool. You could use one note as a mood board to collect things such as color schemes and furniture ideas. Another note could contain product descriptions, prices, and links to anything you’ll need to buy to transform your home. This is far more useful than a string of emails, Facebook Messages, or a messy Word document.

Another very nifty use of Evernote is to store visual-based measurements of your home, like you can see above. Just snap some photos with the Evernote app, and use the annotation features to add measurements to the image. This makes shopping for furniture, curtains, blinds, and doors, a whole lot easier.

An Infinite Number of Ways to Use Evernote

As you can see, there’s an absolute ton you can do with Evernote. And I’ve not even mentioned other uses like fitness tracking, time tracking, to-do lists, keeping meeting minutes etc. which can all be done by quickly setting up a table within a note 12 Evernote Tables to Keep Your Life Organized 12 Evernote Tables to Keep Your Life Organized Tables are an often overlooked Evernote feature. They can help you stay organized. We’ll give you a dozen ideas and Evernote table templates to start with. Read More .

In other words, once you start taking advantage of all of Evernote’s features Maximize Evernote with 5 Powerful Features Maximize Evernote with 5 Powerful Features With over 100 million users, Evernote is arguably the web’s favorite productivity and note-saving tool. We are putting the spotlight on 5 under-appreciated Evernote features and detail their value. Read More , this is an app that could easily become a viable replacement for other tools you’ve gotten used to using, from to-do list apps to Pinterest.

In turn, your digital life will be simplified by keeping as many of your notes, lists, and ideas all in one place, accessible from anywhere, at any time.

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