10 Reasons to Use Apple Maps

Apple Maps app has matured over the years and is now an effective navigation tool. Next time you have to get somewhere, give it a try.

Apple Maps got off to a rocky start when it debuted in 2012. Initial versions were loaded with bugs and other problems, forcing Apple to scramble to fix what was broken. But the app has since grown up and now offers an array of useful features and options that can help you navigate to your destination whether you’re driving, walking, or taking public transportation. And with iOS 13, Apple Maps app adds several clever new options to ease your travels to and fro. Let’s look at 10 cool features in Apple Maps.

Save Your Favorite Places

In iOS 13, Apple Maps offers you a way to save restaurants, stores, businesses, friends’ houses, and other places you frequently visit as Favorites. To do this, search for the place you want to save. Swipe up the screen until you see the command to Add to Favorites.

After you’ve saved a few sites this way, you’ll see them appear just below the search field. Swipe to the left to browse through your Favorites or tap the See All link to view them all.

Organize Places Through Collections

The more places you visit and save, the harder it is to find a location you already viewed. To organize saved locations, put them into a collection, another new feature courtesy of iOS 13. To do this, swipe up in the app until you see the section for Collections, and tap New Collection. Give your New Collection a name — Restaurants, for example. Tap Create.

Add a Place to Your Collection

You can now add a place to your new collection a couple of different ways. Tap the collection. Tap the button to Add a Place, and choose a place from the list of recently viewed locations or search for a specific place or address. To add the place, tap the + sign next to it. Tap Done.

Search for a Location

Alternatively, search for a location. Swipe from the bottom of the screen. Tap the Add to button. Then tap the name of the collection to which you want to add it.

Search Nearby Places

When you access the Search feature, Maps serves up a list of nearby businesses and other locations you may want to visit. You can find local restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, grocery stores, hotels, bars, and shopping centers this way.

Look Around

Check out your destination before you get there through the Apple Maps Look Around feature in iOS 13. Similar to Google’s Street View, Look Around provides an interactive 360-degree view of a location.

After you find the spot you want, swipe up on the screen. If the place is supported by the new feature, tap the thumbnail photo for Look Around. Swipe left, right, up, or down to look around. Pinch to zoom in and out. Tap a spot anywhere on the photo to jump to it. At the map screen, you can also tap the binoculars icon in the upper right to display the Look Around image at the top of the screen so you can still see the map.


Get a bird’s eye view of a particular city with Flyover. Type the name of a supported city in the search field, such as New York City, Paris, London, Florence, or Tokyo. Tap the Flyover button on the place card. You can now move your phone around or swipe up, down, left, and right to view the city from the sky. You can also pinch to zoom in and out. Tap the screen and tap the button to Start City Tour to take an automated tour of the city.

Indoor Maps

Apple Maps just doesn’t show you the outdoor world to help you reach your destination. You can also see indoor maps of shopping malls and airports, where you might need helping getting around. Search by the name of a city for a supported mall or an airport name, such as Los Angeles, Boston, New York, or Tokyo, or Hong Kong International Airport, JFK Airport, Melbourne Airport, or Zurich Airport. On the map, tap the link to Look Inside. You can then navigate around inside to find a specific store, gate, or other spot.

Real-Time Transit Information

With iOS 13, you can see up-to-date transit information for trains, buses, and other public transportation. Search for a specific stop along a scheduled route. Swipe up from the screen to view the next inbound and outbound time. Tap a specific time to see the rest of the stops and times for the day.

Share Your ETA

Another feature new with iOS 13 is ETA, which lets you share your arrival time with a contact. After searching for your destination, tap the Directions button and tap Go to get started. Swipe up on the screen and tap the button to Share ETA. Tap the photo button for the contact with whom you want to share your location, and a text message is automatically sent to that person.

New Dashboard in CarPlay

Here’s a helpful feature for those who use Apple Maps with CarPlay. With past versions of iOS, you could see only one app or type of content on the screen at a time, either Maps, Music, Messages, or something else. With iOS 13, the Dashboard has been redesigned so you can now view multiple apps on the screen. This means you can see your music player and current song on one side of the screen and your map and driving directions on the other side. To set this up, open Maps and Music. Then tap the set of icons in the lower left of the screen until both apps share the screen.

Maps Stay on Screen in CarPlay

Here’s another great feature for CarPlay users. In the past, your iPhone’s screen would sync up with the Dashboard screen. So if you were looking at driving directions on the Dashboard and your passenger changed the screen on your iPhone to a different app, the screen on the Dashboard would change as well, wiping away your directions. Now the phone and the Dashboard are decoupled. So your passenger is free to fiddle with apps on your iPhone, and it won’t affect the display on the Dashboard.

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